Why has family camping become so popular in the UK?

Camping becomes highly popular in the UK

Since the recession hit, people haven’t been able to afford holidays abroad. It is because of this that many families are packing up their tents, collapsible chairs and gas cookers and venturing to different camping spots all over the UK to soak in some areas of natural beauty. Camping trips are cheap and cheerful and are a great chance to be “at one” with nature. Another plus for camping families is the bonding time you get to spend with your loved ones, there’s something more satisfying when you have to cook your own food, gather kindling and slave away trying to get a fire to start, yeah you’ll be huffing and puffing whilst dad gets on he’s old man knees and spends what seems like forever to get it started, but it’s totally worth the wait.

There are some amazing areas of natural beauty in the UK, and some of them are famous for their picturesque views and stunning landscapes. However, some come as a bit of a surprise and even the most hardened of campers will appreciate some of the spectacular parts of nature which aren’t too far from even the biggest of cities. If you’re unsure of where to go with your tent, why not try these places:

  •  Cornwall – A beautiful area bordered with exquisite beaches and beautiful countryside, Cornwall is a great place to take the family for camping. From the buzz of Newquay in peak season to the tranquillity of St Ives on a summer’s evening, it is an ideal holiday destination.
  •  Warwickshire – A county steeped in history and culture, it is not only a great place to sleep under the stars, it is also rich in activities for the daytime – visit the butterfly farm in Stratford Upon Avon, visit Warwick Castle to soak up some historic knowledge, or hire boats for a day on the water!
  • The New Forest – The New Forest itself is a huge area virtually untouched by humans apart from those that walk or cycle through it. A perfect place to ride horses or have picnics, this is Hampshire’s little gem.
  • The Lake District – Hire a boat and sail around one of the many lakes, go hiking, visit the many quaint towns and villages or even go canoeing, fishing or swimming. The west coast of Cumbria even offers beautiful beaches for those who want to relax on the sand.

Fun Things to Do with the Family When Camping
Each camping location across the UK will be able to offer you and your family something different to do. Outdoor activities are an ideal way to spend some quality time with your loved ones and have lots of fun too. Of course, weather in the UK isn’t always pleasant so make sure that you plan plenty of indoor activities too – even if this means staying wrapped up in your tent and playing a card game! Here are a few suggestions which might whet your appetite for adventure:

1.     Light a Campfire

2.     Go Fishing

3.     Do Some Stargazing

4.     Go for Walks

5.     Visit Local Places of Interest (Museums, stately homes, castles, landmarks or maybe even forests!)

6.     Go Swimming (this will depend on weather, location, and whether there actually is somewhere to swim!)

7.     Go on a Bike Ride (you could hire or bring your own)

Camping is great because it is simple – so enjoy the simplicity and start exploring the great outdoors!

This post was written on behalf of Simply Hike the online camping equipment store.

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